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We believe in empowering educators from the basic ICT skills to the most Advanced ICT skills

ICT for Educators

The Educators’ community needs to keep abreast of the changing learning environment. The traditional classroom as we used to know it is changing every day. We believe that we have the right tools to equip experienced and new Educators alike to be up to date with the required skill set. The modern Classroom is dynamic and the only constant factor is change.

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Our Beliefs

We have a group of more than ten ICT educators with more than 10 years’ experience in the classroom and across industries in and around South Africa.

  • We believe in empowering educators from the basic ICT skills to the most advanced ICT skills
  • Educators must be equipped with technological skills up to the stage where our Educators are comfortable enough to embrace and introduce Technology in the classrooms.
  • We believe that technology is the turnkey of modern and future classroom.
  • ICT is a shared responsibility of the whole learning community all stakeholders should be involved

Our Edge

Our Trainers have hands-on experience in both the classroom and private sector industry. We are familiar with the challenges encountered and we are pleased to be part of a community that seeks to provide solutions to the ICT Challenge South Africa’s educational system. Our directors are certified ICT Professionals in the public and private sectors with vast experience in delivering and sharing ICT knowledge to numerous audiences.